All Creative Movie and TV Writers Have Died

What happened to the creative TV shows and movies that we used to have? No matter where I go I am surrounded by superheroes, remakes, revivals and I am getting so sick of it. It seems like all the blockbuster movies are about slightly superheroes fighting slightly different villains. In fact, there are six more superhero movies being released in 2018. Can we please get something new or at least somewhat original?

Most people would respond to that with “it’s because they make money,” but I would like to reply with the question:

Do they make so many superhero movies because they make a lot of money or do they make a lot of money because superhero movies are the viewers’ only option?

Think about it: If a majority of the “big blockbusters” are superheroes movies, naturally more people are going to see them out of sheer convenience. They know the actors, they know the plot, and they are lazy— plain and simple. It is simply becoming too difficult to find a creative movie or TV show, even with all the different streaming services available to us.

Netflix’s Boring “Suggested For You” Content

Netflix— the massively disruptive streaming service that everybody knows— has even fallen victim to this trap. Netflix constantly tries to shove Marvel shows down your throat with Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Punisher, and so forth.

Then, once you have watched one or two of these movies or shows, YOU ARE SCREWED. The rest of the “Suggested for You” content gets tailored to show you more of the same type of shit you have already seen a million times. Where is the “Try Something New” category?

Suggested for You.png

Typical, boring, Mindless TV Shows

But this is not just about superheroes; the lack of creativity exists in all other studios as well. Shows like Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and Law and Order: SVU have been going on for nearly 15 years (or longer) with the same, mindless plot. Seems like the studios are simply too lazy to start a new show.

Business Insider listed the Top 10 Best TV Shows of All Time. Only two shows lasted longer than 10 years on this list: The Simpsons and Cheers. However, this list shows most of the “best” shows lasted about 6-8 years. If shows can easily double that, it means something is wrong.

TV Remakes

When the studios are not producing mindless, everlasting shows, they are producing remakes and revivals. (Is our need for nostalgia a sign that shows and movies used to be better?) FOX, NBC, and CBS tried taking the remake route with several short-lived, movie based TV series:

  • Lethal Weapon (Currently airing season 2)- FOX
  • Minority Report (Cancelled before end of season 1)- FOX
  • The Exorcist (2 seasons, studio doubtful of season 3)- FOX
  • Taken (Cancelled after 2 seasons)- NBC
  • Limitless (Cancelled after 1 Season)- CBS

TV Revivals


Once it was learned that remakes were not doing as well as they would have hoped, TV studios transferred to revivals:

  • The X Files
  • Fuller House
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
  • American Idol
  • Will and Grace
  • Roseanne
  • And on and on it goes

Still not seeing anything new….

[Even the President is attempting a revival: “Make America Great AGAIN” ring any bells?]

Nostalgia is fun for a limited time, but does it come to a point where it is too much? It is nerve-wracking thinking that everybody is trying so hard to go back in time to when the days were “great.” We should use our technology and innovation abilities to make something unique and better, not the same as it was.


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